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Originally Posted by SeroganeX
Hey, now we're talking. Thanks for these detailed suggestions.
If you like Excel Saga you will like Puni Puni Poemi. It's by the same Director Watanabe, who is the afro guy in both series. Yes the director DOES dress like that in normal life, I can't remember if Excel was mentioned yet, but Excel Saga is a 26 episode tv series. Although I believe ep 26 could'n't be shown on tv for it's just wrongness.

I just thought of this one, which is why I'm posting... heh... Just thought I mention Excel since someone mention poemi...

Nurse Witch Kamugichan
Episodes = ???? only 2.5 out so far
It's a magical girl show, sorta... It's somewhat along the lines of Puni Puni Poemi, but paced slower with what resembles more of an actual plot than a straight parody. If you took Sailor Moon season 4 and Puni Puni and mixed em together with a bit of card captor sakura on the side, thats about acurate feel I'd say.

If you are really sick and depraved you can watch
Ping Pong Club
but don't say I didn't warn you. and thats all I'll say about that.
Though, if you want a feel for the series Ping Pong CLub,
do a search for "Anime Nashville" search thier site, they have a anime music video called "young boys" which is without a doubt the undisputed world's sickest nastiest AMV ever made.
If anyone has seen this video and disagrees, please let me know the name of the video thats worse. for.. uh... avoidance yeah thats it...

-C. S.
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