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Originally Posted by Rainrir View Post
The way I see it, the reaction is more because it might have happened to a "main girl(s)" than anything to do with seeing it everywhere in seinen and going "not again!". I was trying to allude to the fact that what happened alot in seinen has no bearing to what happens here.
I was also refering to the "main girls" in seinen. As an avid seinen reader, I've seen it often where the "main girl" was either raped or lost her virginity to someone else other the main character, that's what I was talking about and not other side characters which are most of the time insignifcant to the subject unless they are also main love interests. However, you rarely see this in shounen because it's a shounen manga, which tends to draw different readers and is aimed particulary at younger audience.

The reaction is so strong because stuff like that rarely happens to the main girl(s),even in seinen, who the audience is supposed to empathise with. I am sure the readers empathise or sympathise the characters in GE. Hence, there is some backlash as a result. However, the backlash against what happened to Yuki is relatively mild from what I gather. The fallout from Shou is much, much greater. Then again, Shou is NOT YET Utsumi's I don't see why everyone raged like the caught a pair of adulterors.
No, part of the reaction is because Weekly Shounen Magazine is the 2nd most selled magazine behind Weekly Shounen Jump in Japan, so It will obviously draw unnecessary attention over it. I've read dozens of seinen with this particular subject in the matter however it didn't draw this much attention, mostly because it's not that popular in the magazine it's published in or seinen manga tends to draw less attention. The other reason the reaction was "strong"(I don't know how people took it to be honest, I'm just assuming) it's because it's a shounen manga which is published in a shounen magazine aimed at shounen readers. We've all seen it before in a particular shounen and how much preconception conjecture it caused, take for example; Kannagi.

Personally speaking, it didn't even bother me that much because I feel there weren't enough chapters to help me symphatize with the characters. It did surprise me obviously.

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