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Originally Posted by Rainrir View Post
Maybe I am reading the wrong types of seinen. Where do you get your seinen? Business Jump? Morning? Ultra Jump? Young Animal?? I do read quite a bit of manga and it doesn't happen all that often. I suppose I was kinda lucky to not see that many seinen with such events.
Thats something I am interested to hear as well. Since though I read a lot of seinen myself I really have troubles remembering a lot of seinen titles where main girl interest is being shown getting raped or having sex with her boyfriend other than the main char.

Care to en-light me too, Zwei? What kind of magazines you read that show so many as you say cases similar to this? Yeah we all know of Bitter Virgin and so but the number I can think off is really small actually, even when we are talking about seinen. Usually you see side-characters getting raped or having sex.

Yeah in Josei's you see quite a number of girl sleeping around (or her male love interest do that) but again it is different category than seinen or shonen to begin with.

PS. Yuutai Nova doesn't count as the girl sleeping around though is an ex-girlfriend of the main character, is just a side-character.

Gekkoh is similar since main girl character is a revenge-slut - meaning she is using her body as a mean to get her revenge (or informaion). Yet she never really has sex, thogh she french-kissed or let grope her naked body for more men than it is possible to count and a few times had oral sex (never with the main male caracter) but even there the stuation is different and she is a virgin even if in many cases she wated to have sex and actually enjoyed other guys jamming their togues down her throat, but even so, by a lucky accident she is stil a virgin...

Yeah, in a lot of senens main female characters are not virgins but again - you usually never see their past experiences either, or it is vaguely told at best without 'visuals'...

So can you tell the titles of such theme seinens?
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