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Hmmm, well maybe I wasn't specific enough. It doesn't have to be visually shown whether she was raped or she's not a virgin anymore. However, there are alot of cases when in a seinen manga the main female is a virgin as well. It doesn't mean just because it's a seinen manga, then the main female character has to get raped or have sex with someone else, I just said that you commonly find these in a seinen manga where in a shounen manga is rarely.

So can you tell the titles of such theme seinens?
Where it's visually shown whether she was raped or she lost her virginity to someone else? I can name a few that come to my mind, however I have yet to keep track of what manga I'm reading unlike anime, so I can't name all the one's I've read;

Chisa x Pon
Haru Yo Koi
Usotsuki Paradox
Golden Boy
Love Junkies
Yellow Heart
Junk - Record of the Last Hero
Mon Seul

I might add a few more later, maybe.
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