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Originally Posted by Rethice View Post
You, sir, inspired me to contribute honestly as well. Of course because this isn't an anonymous forum I won't be sharing my most embarrassing, but some might prove interesting anyway.

Until you posted that first one, I had forgotten about it, but that appeals to me too. I think it's the fact that the people involved are so comfortable with their own sexuality that turns me on. However, the extension to public sex is one I can't share, at least not in real life. Weird? Perhaps, but when two people are having sex within five feet of you (which happened at an Armin Van Buuren concert I went to recently), it's the most awkward and disturbing thing ever. It actually made me feel a little sick.

I can't help but wonder if it's like that across the board (many of the "fetishes" I have are things I haven't experienced in real life). For example, girls kissing in porn? Okay. Girls kissing in real life? Unnatural and weird. Loli in anime and whatnot? Adorable, cute, innocent, whatever. Ten year olds in real life? Little kids I feel absolutely no attraction to. Quiet girls in fiction? Mysterious and appealing. Quiet girls in real life? Introverts who ultimately aren't a lot of fun to be around.

So why is there such a disconnect? Is it that the things we fetishize literally become objects of our affection, and lose their human aspect? Is it our inability to relate to them that allows the attraction? Does anyone else have a similar distinction between things they like in their minds and things they like in real life?
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