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I understand exactly what you guys are saying. I'm trying to point out that it's wrong. kishi retconned ET in order to fix this power disparity mistake between madara and hashirama by having kabuto say that he perfected it thus he is able to get more out the ninja he is controlling than orochimaru did. also you can't assume people would be more powerful if they were still around as I stated before. there are plenty of examples of old characters being left in the dust by these 'more powerful' people. the title is who is the most powerful in their prime? not who would you like to make the most powerful in your own version of the story in your head.
This is really all I have an interest in replying to since everything else has already been addressed and you refuse to listen. You say our theories are wrong based on our assumptions but say yours are right based on... your assumptions? Kabuto never said his ET zombies were more powerful than Orochimaru's - only Madara was said to be made more powerful as an ET than in real life. For all we know, he could have meant that he can summon an amazing amount of ETs when Oro couldn't when he said he perfected it. And you are still ignoring the meaning of our posts. We're not making this fight "in our heads" - in the context of his battle we believe Sarutobi to be the strongest based on his feats. He defeated Hashirama and Tobirama and sealed Orochimaru's jutsu as a 70 year old man, that is fact. Anything you say against that is just an assumption. Agree to disagree.
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