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in the context of his battle we believe Sarutobi to be the strongest based on his feats. He defeated Hashirama and Tobirama and sealed Orochimaru's jutsu as a 70 year old man, that is fact. Anything you say against that is just an assumption. Agree to disagree.
I didn't really read your previous posts [sorry] so do tell me if i contradict you or are already saying something thats been said.

Personally i infer alot about what Kabuto said when he said he had perfected the Edo-Tensei jutsu. And when you say that Sarutobi is the strongest just because he defeated Hashirama and Tobirama , i personally disagree.

I mean what the F. Hashirama is the sole mokuton user but i've seen Yamato do more Mokuton than him. I really think its because Orochimaru hadn't perfected the edo Tensei jutsu so their skills were limited and their powers reduced DRASTICALLY. I'm telling you , if Hashirama was at that level , than Madara would have whopped his ass back when he was still alive.

I find it even funnier how Sarutobi couldn't fend against the 9-Tails and had to wait for Minato when he was 17years younger compared to the time where he had to fight the 1st and 2nd after the timeskip. Base on facts as you say , Hashirama and Minato were able to fend against the Bijuu , so does that make them stronger than Sarutobi? Really , i acknowledge that Sarutobi is quite the strong shinobi but i think your making a big fuss just because he defeated the 1st and 2nd who were in Zombie mode and whom i believe were not as powerful as they should be.

-edit- just something extra to point out .
About the fight between the 1st & 2nd VS the 3rd. The level they were fighting at that time could actually be counted as impressive to be fair. Since fights in Naruto timezone compared to Shippuden timezone is just sad. The fights , no matter who it featured in Shippuden all outclassed the ones showed in Naruto to be honest imo. After Shippuuden started every character seemed to be in godmode compared to Naruto. Like seriously. Just my 2 cents.
You have people instantly destroying villages , summoning Giant Meteorites and Bijuu-bombs creating craters in Shippuden. In Naruto the greatest you could go was a Rasengan-Chidori explosion effect...
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