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Sarutobi. Yondaime second, Itachi third, Jiraiya fourth. The rest aren't even worth mentioning.

Originally Posted by xKeir View Post
when you say that Sarutobi is the strongest just because he defeated Hashirama and Tobirama , i personally disagree.

I mean what the F. Hashirama is the sole mokuton user but i've seen Yamato do more Mokuton than him. I really think its because Orochimaru hadn't perfected the edo Tensei jutsu so their skills were limited and their powers reduced DRASTICALLY. I'm telling you , if Hashirama was at that level , than Madara would have whopped his ass back when he was still alive.

I find it even funnier how Sarutobi couldn't fend against the 9-Tails and had to wait for Minato when he was 17years younger compared to the time where he had to fight the 1st and 2nd after the timeskip. Base on facts as you say , Hashirama and Minato were able to fend against the Bijuu , so does that make them stronger than Sarutobi? Really , i acknowledge that Sarutobi is quite the strong shinobi but i think your making a big fuss just because he defeated the 1st and 2nd who were in Zombie mode and whom i believe were not as powerful as they should be.
Originally Posted by Spectacular_Insanity View Post
And he wasn't even in his prime; he was an old man, who should have been retired if only Yondaime hadn't died. Which brings up my next point: the village had Sarutobi serve as Hokage once again after Yondaime's death instead of choosing a new Hokage, despite Sarutobi's advanced age.

And while Jiraiya was arguably martially stronger than Sarutobi, he didn't have the same leadership skills that Sarutobi showed us. After all, a sense for diplomacy is a very rare trait in a shinobi.

The village only reappointed Sarutobi because at that point of time there weren't any suitable candidates. The Kyuubi attack alone killed many Shinobi. Most of the veterans were sent to battle while the younger ones were ordered to step back [people like Kakashi , Gai & Kurenai]

Not because he was stronger. I believe Sarutobi said so himself once somewhere .. I dun even wanna start on how Sarutobi couldn't take on the Nine-Tails himself and all he could do was hold on to wait for Minato. He was .. what? 17 years younger than years later when he fought both the 1st & 2nd in Orochimaru's plot to destroy the Leaf? Hashirama owned the Tailed Beasts. Yet going by your theory Sarutobi clearly outclassed the 1st & 2nd even at that old age.

The only thing i'd say makes Sarutobi a kage-level Shinobi is his mastery of all the jutsu's and his unbelievable Stamina , as u pointed out how he was capable of high-level fighting even at his old age. Other than that , i don't think he deserves to be called the strongest.

Also about your leadership part. Everyone in the Leaf respected Jiraiya. The only reason Jiraiya didn't become Hokage was because he simply didn't want to. I'd acknowledge people would follow Sarutobi as he does have basic leadership qualities for people to want to follow him , but what kind of leader lets his underlings do whatever they want? Danzo and the Elders are literally like teenage kids messing around with the village and all he ever does is try to negotiate. A true leader would have real control. Look at how Tsunade just bitches at the 2 Elders. Even Jiraiya knew to keep a weary eye against Danzo. Did Sarutobi do so? No. He literally trusted Danzo. Thats exactly how Danzo got to do the things he did , like teaming up with Hanzo the Salamander and many other evil deeds.
I make this a point as a reference to how Sarutobi handled the Uchiha massacre.
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