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Whether Sarutobi is stronger than the 1st and 2nd or not, I don't think this is the way to go about debating that. Mokuton is specifically designed to controlling the Tailed Beasts, same way the Sharingan is; saying somebody with one of those things is stronger than somebody who doesn't because they can take care of Tailed Beasts makes no sense. It's not really fair to Hiruzen to make a comparison like that.
i think it makes sense to say that someone who can control tailed beasts is stronger than those who can't. basically the ninja bloodlines are divided from the rikudo sennin and the ultimate power of one side is mokuton and the ultimate power of the other is sharingan. so i think this translates into those ninja at the top of either side being the strongest. they are the most adept at using the ultimate ninja powers possible.

its not like yamato can control the bijou with his mokuton abilities. he can suppress them to an extent, but its far short of what hashirama, tobi, and madara are doing/have done. it was also eluded that danzo took hashirama's cells to be able to control them himself, but we saw just how difficult it is to wield that kind of power. most likely he couldn't do it yet or ever, so he was holding off.
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