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Except that's not what he was saying. He was saying that Hashirama is stronger than Hiruzen because he can defeat the Tailed Beasts (by way of Mokuton), whereas Hiruzen was unable to do a thing against the Kyuubi. Whether Hashirama is stronger than Hiruzen or not, their respective abilities to handle Tailed Beasts isn't an accurate measuring stick.
I was responding to your point about having mokuton or sharingan and that making you more powerful or not since they are required for controlling bijou. I agree that it isn't everything because there are weak uchiha (compared to the strong uchiha anyway) and someone like yamato isn't near the top of the power list despite having mokuton. so all I'm saying is that having mokuton or sharingan is a valuable asset and part of a larger picture that would make up a particular ninja's total power.

being able to control the bijou using those tools is a different story imo. i think that elevates anyone who can do that above most if not all of everyone else. I should add the word forcibly though. since befriending bijou isn't a mark of power. it is to an extent since jinchuuriki who befriend them have to prove themselves worthy, but it's not as much power needed as making the bijou do what you want by force. so I would say that "forcibly controlling bijou" is one of the clear indicators in the series that that particular ninja is one of the strongest we have seen so far and stronger than those who can't do it.

this whole outer path chakra chain tech is confusing though, because I can't figure out why nagato didnt do it when trying to capture naruto. either he wasn't strong enough or didn't know how I guess, but it was tobi who ordered him to get the ninetails which leads me to believe that nagato knew how to do it but couldn't. most likely its a tech added by kishi after the fact though. but still, taking the series, on a whole, into account would lead me to believe that he wasnt powerful enough. nagato himself was a bit disillusioned with his own power since his moon was nowhere near as great as the one the rikudo sennin created. i think it fits the story to have tobi/madara just being stronger than nagato with the rinnegan techs for those reasons and just the overall reason of the author constantly introducing stronger villains than we have previously seen.
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