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This is a nasty little thing which is easily overlooked:

If the followers are sent on a mission with 3+ levels to low, they only get 10% of the experience now after the hotfix. If you send them on a mission with 1-2 levels to low, you will only get half of the experience!

What you really need to avoid is sending 2-3 of your top followers on hi-probability missions and neglecting the rest - then you end up with too many hi-level missions that most of your guys can't take, or only take with half XP. When in doubt, it's better to send people on missions of their own level, even if it means dropping to 50-something percent success rate. Because then, they will still get the full listed base XP, even if they fail. And if they don't, you'll profit twice.

I usually only max out probabilities of the really important ones (base materials, rare drops etc.) and treat the follower XP missions as "nice to haves". And the pointless low-cash missions should ALWAYS be done by followers of the exactly same level, regardless of whether or not they have matching abilities. I mean, seriously - who cares about 37,5 gold?

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