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Problem is, I need the ~180 or so resources per day from Trading Post/Lumber Mill. Maybe by next Monday I'll have enough resources to switch over.


Man, wowhead said follower missions stick around for about a week before disappearing, but I'm not finding that to be the case at all. It looks closer to 48 hours and then they're gone. I've lost out on a 615 player weapon mission, a 15k bonus exp mission, and a "random follower armor/weapon token" mission because of that. Now I'm trying to power level 1-2 followers so I can do these 615 trinket and neck missions. I know the trinket mission will likely disappear tomorrow (but not positive when), and I got until Thursday for the necklace, but still. May have to push through the trinket mission tonight to ensure I get a chance in case it'd disappear before I wake up.

*edit 2*

Got the trinket mission up to a 75% chance with a 100 and two 99s, so I'm tossing the dice and rolling with the odds being better there than still having the mission when I wake up if I don't go for it now. Hopefully it succeeds. Really need a trinket. Healing without spirit is utter shit.

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