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Originally Posted by KJlost View Post
It's episode 1 and I'm already annoyed as hell by this show. For an empire that supposedly rules the world in terms of power, the 'Britannia' sure as hell don't know how to subjugate the people, do they? Well no wonder, as their mind set is stuck on 18th centuary time frame, and the 'empire' appears to be the replica of the Imperial Japan rather than anything else.
You're experience seems to be mostly rooted in Shoujo or H-Game conversion type anime (based on your posting history). Are you sure you know what to expect or what you're getting into when trying to watch a mecha anime? I'm not sure this is your type of show, because most people tend to expect mecha shows to have gimmicks such as the 18th century power thing you are describing or Lelouch's eye of Geass. Thats just the way it is.
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