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I see that quite a few of Japanese are pretty unhappy about this politicization in their animation and pretty against Takeda. While it was more silly and downright ridiculous in series like GSD and Blood+, (while oddly enough, this type of thinking was kinda the opposite of E7, unitive as opposed to divisive) I dunno waht to think if he's just going to use a show as just a shoutbox for his political opinions. And not only that, but how do the creative staff feel about this?
I read a ton of that page... Yes.. many concerns about what we (American) viewers would think of Japan (as a whole). Its an interesting concern since its something we have had to learn the hard way about. Especially when public opinion is not so for us. As is the way some portions of the middle eastern world views us. Japanese are very conscious about the image they send off collectively so such a independent stander (no matter how looney his views) like Takeda is troublesome. Some people thought it was very dangerous to offend the US. And even some reflected (whether or not they understood what it would mean to do so) that they should have made Britannia attack (the map image) from China+Korean coasts. In my opinion... a producer who did it this way... or even the China+Korean variation would be getting heavy flak anyway.

I put a reply of my own in the comments in that page. If you can read JP your welcome to comment on it. I like to leave it here for future reflection.

Some peeps there also mentioned putting in apologizes around Youtube on media from CodeGeass... And there are some now. Honestly... its not like we would take heavy offense... lol But I do admire their concern which is what I wanted to express.
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