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BTW, I've just read the two first chaps of the manga (serialized in Asuka) - and it's not drawn by CLAMP, but by someone named Majiko - and it looks like the next episode (anime) will be centered around character development (that is, if the manga follows the tv series and vice versa) and perhaps the
Spoiler for episode 2:

It should also be noted that in the manga, Karen isn't shown in the first chapter as one of the activists driving the truck where C.C. was in. And, as a matter of fact, C.C. was inside a plane that crashed inside/near Shinjuku. I still wonder how she managed to survive, completely unscathed, the crash without seatbelt and whatnot...

Here's a Nightmare Frame scan from Newtype with some information about the CGLR world:

Also, it should be noted that the scan says that Lelouch's power 'can be used to destroy or transform just about everything'...and 'it has something to do with the very existence of humankind'. I wonder if this means we'll have the 'lost civilization with psychic abilities' or some theory about people from outer space having to do with humankind's birth, evolution or history. Time will tell.
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