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Originally Posted by Ori View Post
I don't know, I have to say I am finding it kind of funny that Japanese keeps portraying themselves as a victim and American as the big evil in anime.

Anyone who has taken Asian mordern history would know that Japan is far from a victim in WWII until the end of WWII when the neuclear bombs dropped and the consequences of their earlier actions sink in.

Yes, the US probably should not have dropped the bombs, but Japanese probably shouldn't have conquered/robbed/killing people/raping women in China, Fillipines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, now should they?

Not saying the USA is awsome and right, but the Japan has some responsibility in the incident also.

EDIT: The fact, Canada is part of the new Brittanica is also really funny. Canadians, of all people!

Even so, the main character looks interseting, so I think I will give this show a chance.
We're kind of at home with the whole being a part of an empire thing. Now its just a commonwealth though.
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