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Originally Posted by TigerII View Post
Well, not dark, just one of those " I will always remember the fun and love we had" type things She is a goddess and will return. Hell, it would not work out anyways. He will die long before her.
Yeah. I always have the feeling that, should Belldandy one day leave and return, she would no longer be able to see Keiichi again. First thing is due to the fact that Keiichi is a mortal and secondly, I remember reading it somewhere that the time flow in heaven is different than that of the mortal world? In any case, the manga ending may end up like what TigerII mentioned. Instead of a "lived happily ever after" ending, we'll most probably get the "memorable experience" sort of ending. In either case, I'm pretty sure Belldandy's feeling for Keiichi will not change with time. That's the only thing that kept me glued to the series.

Btw, I just watched the subbed ep 24. Its fantastic. Loved the expression on Belldandy's face when she accidentally stumbled into Keiichi's room with Peorth.... And is it just me or there seemed to be a little bit of fanservice in ep24?
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