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Originally Posted by bbduece View Post
If that 3am incident was some random thing and not a habitual thing then i think it should be forgotten.

I hope you are someone that goes out of thier way to stop smog and general pollution - activist (also lots of chimecals being dump around habitats by corporations) since you are so adamant on this subject.
I brought up the 3 AM incident to show that people can be pretty damn inconsiderate and because it pissed me off. People also honk their horns because they get impatient waiting for friends around here. It's called a cellphone - use it.

I also don't see where you're getting that I'm so adamant about the subject of pollution from this thread. As far as I know, smoking is not a major cause of pollution. I've said it before in this thread but I'll repeat it again: I'm against smoking because it takes advantage of people. It's a product that you use and then can't quit even if you want to, due to its addictive nature. The fact that it's harmful to your body and to those around you makes it doubly worse.

What I really took issue with was your statement:
What ever we choose to spend $$ on or time on is arbutrary since importance of anything is for yourself to judge not others. What you think is "worth it" is not what the rest of world thinks
Which is fine, and a nice way for smokers to justify their rotten habit to themselves in the face of criticism over the habit. Self-justification and negating the opinions of others has its place, but be respectful of those around you. That's all. I don't care to breathe in second hand smoke because it is unpleasant and for health concerns. I think the reason we make the effort to go to the bathroom, rather than pissing on the floor in front of each other, is for a similar reason. So just be mindful of those around you, please.

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