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Originally Posted by bbduece View Post
You are sayin smoking is bad for the health and for people around them -agreed. And so is countless other chemicals in the air that cause health risk - chemicals cause by pollution.

The bases of your argument is health concerns for people around smokers so i thought i point out other factors in the air.
Yes, I know that there are other factors that are dangerous to our health in the air. They don't make smoking any better. We can focus on trying to improve overall air quality and making smoking either less prevalent or safer - there's no need to try and divert attention from the dangers/annoyances of smoking by pointing out that worse things exist.

A lot of smokers avoid crowds and a lot dont but your argument generalize the whole smoking crowd are indecent people. But i cant stop you from what you belief. I am just going to point out other worst possible air pollutants that you will probably avoid because chewing out smokers is a lot easier than directing your concerns at other possible health risk. Smoking has been stigmatize so i dont blame you.
A lot of smokers avoid crowds, and a lot of them don't. We're both generalizing, and neither one of us can prove the other wrong.

I am concerned about other health risks - I studied environmental engineering, a lot of what I learned was about technologies designed to keep all sorts of crap, be it water or air pollutants, away from humans. Why are you bringing those up?

I am not stigmatized by smoking. I know of its physiological affects on the body and can go into detail if you'd like, but I'm guessing that you know them as well. They're not good. Then comes the fact that it stinks and it's damn expensive. For those reasons I will personally never take up smoking. The reason I dislike the tobacco industry is because I feel that people like you are being taken advantage of. If people could quit smoking whenever they wanted to then I wouldn't be bothered quite as much.

I've had friends who got hooked and struggled to break free, and it pains me to read that Solace is still struggling with the addiction. The tobacco industry is making money from people who don't want to give them money for their product anymore, but can't help but not to - the symptoms of withdrawl are too hard to bear otherwise. That's a disgusting and wrong way to make money, don't you agree? Don't mistake what I'm saying for being "high and mighty" for not smoking - I made my choice based on my knowledge, and I hope that you made your choice based on just as much knowledge. I also hope you never have to experience lung cancer or withdrawl. Life is too short to live with regret, and it'd be quite awful to regret a lifetime of smoking.

And the reason we go the the bathroom instead of the near by tree is because at some point in our history human society decide it was disgusting. Why? because it is socially institutionalize. Not becasue its a health risk. Society for some reason dislike it and shuns it.
Oh, but it is a health risk. Do you know why we have wastewater treatment plants? Urine isn't nearly as bad as fecal contamination, but see what happens when hundreds of people are urinating in the streets and rivers and it's all left untreated.

Not an activist for smokers, i'm just saying let us smoke in peace.

BTW i agree with you, people need to be considerate and avoid non smokers when they do smoke.
I have no problem with you smoking in peace. Again, I took issue with your initial statement about that. Do what you want, but be mindful of those around you. We agree on that. I think the only reason you're being set off by what I'm saying is because you perceive me as casting judgement on you for smoking at all, and that isn't the case. I hate the tobacco industry, but to me people like you aren't evil or idiots. You're victims, whether you realize it or not. I wish it didn't have to be that way.
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