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Originally Posted by HayashiTakara View Post
People die from cars more than anything else in the world. There should be a ban of cars, and we need to campaign heavily against people's right to drive!!

Seriously, this is ridiculous, I use to be a smoker some time ago and it annoyed the crap out of me when I hear people trying to tell me what I should be doing, especially when I can think of a million other things that are just as bad or if not worse. T.V., Video Games, Personal Computers, all are addictive media that leads to kids growing up to fat, unhealthy both mentally and physically, anti-social, dysfunctional human beings, why not bann these things too? Simply allow people to make their own decisions, allow the informations of the risks available to those who want it and let them decide. Anything and everything can be addictive, and basically all addictions are basically bad for you, if the person don't want to resolve themselves to overcome that addiction, thats that person's decision. Unless that person is bumping uglies with you, mind your business and live your own life.
I think the problem stems from smoking harming others around you. While I think it's fine to smoke if the person finds it acceptable but people shouldn't make assumptions that everyone around them is comfortable. Now a few of my friends smoke but they make an effort not to smoke as much around me especially since I'm asmatic. I'm asmatic in the first place because my mother smoked while she was pregnant and then another 14 years after I was born.

I don't think badly of people who smoke because I understand the principles of addiction and it applies to everything. Most watch tv every day, log onto msn everyday, browse the internet etc. I don't blame smokers for anything but I was angered at my mother for smoking while I was still a foetus. A child should be given priority over an addiction to smoking. Mind I'm talking about parents smoking. I'm not affected by a friend of mine having 10 minute smoke next to me since it hardly matters and nor does it bother me. It's just the feeling of breathing cigarette smoke whilst you're sleeping, when you get up in the morning, when you're having breakfast, lunch, dinner. Can you imagine how bad it is for a child to live like that for 14 years? Luckily I was a fit boy who went swimming twice a week, did marathons and played all types of sport. Still I wondered why I wasn't quite as fit as others who trained just as hard as me. Now I'm pretty sure it was because I went home to somewhat reverse my efforts by inhaling cigarette smoke.

That's what I frown upon.

I pretty much agree with Ledgem but I wouldn't have my mother shot She was and is the best mother I could ever wish for, even if she smoked while we were growing up. She stopped for us eventually and she regrets doing it. I don't hold a grudge but I am to this day very dissapointed in her.

But the looks Doctors gave her for smoking with three children...lets just say I never want to recieve such a look!

edit: In the UK some of you guys have no idea how quickly people are stopping smoking. It's banned in all public places now and it seems people have been affected by all the advertising. Good news for the UK but I know Italians are still heavy smokers and Slavs continue to smoke non-stop. Overall though there are less and less people smoking. At least 10 people I know have given up, after having smoked for a good 20 years.

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