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Originally Posted by HayashiTakara View Post
All addictions are psychological and habitual, thats why its part of the definition of addiction. Nothing else causes withdrawls? I've seen people who haven't get their daily fix of WoW go through withdrawls its not a pretty sight. Every addiction causes withdrawls if taken away from the source. There was a thread on here about anime addiction and how people were saying that they were going through withdrawls when they don't watch anime for a period of time. You're deluding yourself if you truly believe other addictions don't cause withdrawls.
You seriously believe that?

Look, nicotine is physically addictive. It's scientifically proven beyond reasonable doubt. Video games aren't. They aren't sending chemicals flooding into your body and messing up your nervous system in some crazy way to force your body to demand the substance. They don't create withdrawal symptoms except perhaps in an insanely small number of extreme cases where the psychological obsession was to the point that something in the body responded as well, and even then never as harsh and real as a smoker's withdrawal.

Oh, and the whole "anime withdrawal," except again in those extra-rare cases where the skewed mind affect the body, is just otaku masturbation, "I'm in on this more than you." Nothing more.

This is seriously bullshit man.
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