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Oh good bloody gods, my totem animal is a Wolf, I LOVE meat, the rarer the better...

I keep poking my husband into getting his bow hunting license so he can supply me with venison.

Then again, we believe in using as much of the animal as possible. We do leather working, so the hide would be put to use after tanning, etc
I can't bring myself to support hunting just for sh*ts and giggles; it seems wasteful. And I dislike the meat industry, but where I live there's not a lot of options to get meat in other ways, especially not on the lowered income we're on right now, till I get a job.

I also agree with the free-range thing; I have had to reduce my spending on such things since losing my job, but the difference is astounding... Not to mention I dislike putting artificial stuff into my body (I take a holistic approach to most things), so it seems silly to avoid man made medicines, etc only to put man made chemicals in me by way of my food.

One of the loves of my life is vegetarian, and I'm OK with that; I just could never do it. When she visits, we have an agreement: the top shelf of the fridge is hers for however long she's visiting, and we have a couple of pots/pans reserved for her use so there's no icky meaty germs in it (LOL j/k).
She cooks for us, though, and has even made a chicken dish, so she doesn't try to force her views/lifestyle on others.

Vegetarians hate going to dinner with me, as I generally order a med. rare steak and then they turn green at the yummy juices
"...we are wolves in a flock of sheep. We are the hunters. We are the Alphas and we are on this Earth to conquer."

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