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Ok, dropped kanokon after the first few episodes because, as i said, i don't like when things are too easy; also, i didn't like the male protagonist: i hate kid-looking shy male protagonists, really, it must be someone i can impersonate in. Also, i hate when the boy is surrounded by girls that only say "he's mine, no he's mine, nono i'll marry him, no i will" what the fuck, it's just too easy.

I watched DearS, and i really enjoyed it: i liked the male protagonist's personality, and it had a good end.

Gave a shot to Girls' bravo, but looks like kanokon to me, and dropped it aswell, since it had become boring.

Just for your information: i don't like shit male protagonists, that look like elementary school kids, or retarded. I also don't like when they are shy, stupid, totally useless, idiot. I prefer good natured boys, smart, harsh at the beginning that slowly develop their love for the female protagonist.

I usually want to impersonate myself in the male protagonist, and the characters i liked so far were: Kyon from Haruhi Suzumiya series, Ryuji from Toradora, the protagonist of princess lover, the protagonist of DearS, protagonist of Amagami SS(even if a bit too shy, beside i didn't like much the actor voice), the protagonist of Dears, and in the end the protagonist of LvsB (even tho in the end he showed up to be an idiot, but still).

This is the kind of male protagonist i want in the anime. The look should also be similar to the ones i mentioned, meaning a normal guy, with no gay/stupid/kid expression/voice. Good natured and a bit perv is okay, but no embarassing things like girls allergy or gynophobia, fuck no, i love girls.

Characters like the protagonist of Shakugan no Shana, Dragon crisis, Kanokon, Girls' bravo, that all look childish, are out (Saito from Zero no Tsukaima also had a bit childish look, but was somehow taller and brave, so it was kinda okay; also didn't have gay voice or was shy).

Out of these animes, which should I discard, that contain such wrong male protagonist?

To love Ru
This ugly yet beautiful world
Yosuga no Sora (read somewhere it's some sort of BL hentai)
B gata H key
Kiss x Sis
Ichiban Ushiro no Daimaou
Akane-Iro ni Somaru Saka
baka to test to shokanju
Infinite Stratos
ToAru series
Asobe no IkuYo

Thanks again for your replies

Watched the first episode of This ugly yet beautiful world, and i think i'll enjoy it: no useless boy, girl with some sadist second personality, i like this. Somehow reminds me of a movie called Stardust, that i watched and enjoyed long ago. Will continue on this for this weekend, waiting for a response on the other animes.

Arrived at 4th episode, and i gotta say this anime is evolving in a weird way... the scenario changes so often, that i no longer understand who are the real protagonist, and what the anime is really about. At the beginning i thought was some kind of action anime, with the boy transforming in some sort of mad beast, and the girl having a dark side, while now the scenario switched to another girl, and a quite normal life. WTF? Anyways, i'm sure other episodes will clear up my mind, i hope.

PS does it have an end, and is it good, at least?

This anime is so random

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