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Originally Posted by Anime Online
So many anime series which ought to have another season did not have one.
i have another one too........Tenjou Tenge........Why does it have to stop in that point of the story..........It doesnt even have any conclusion.

Anyway.......I would be piss off if school rumble doesn't conclude at all. I don't care if it's gonna take 5 seasons or more to get to that conclusion, but I want it to have closure at the end. Not leaving the fans dangling with unconclusive ending like tenjou tenge.

From what i see, the manga is far from getting to the end. Things keep on going in circle over and over again. there's always some new misunderstanding between harima and other character in the story. So, as long KJ keep the comedy level high for those mishaps I really dont mind watching SR forever......

VIVA harima..!!!!!! bwahahahahahaha
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