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sigh... I think no matter how much I love the Flag faction, I'll just forget about it. I know now why ep17 irks me a bit... it's because it gave me that nagging feeling that no matter how much I wanted Eri and Harima at the end, it seems near to impossible.

Harima doesnt like Eri romantically at all - and the clues are just there. the Flag "sweet" scenes are just there to tickle the fans of that faction... just like how they did it with the Onigiri (when Yakumo have to hover over Harima on the floor in a kinda intimate form). I think it will happen what I'm afraid of:

that Harima will end up with Tenma after all.

but this is just me saying it so I wouldnt be disappointed in the end if it DOES happen. but then again, if Harima ends up with Eri, then I'd start preparing a celebratory parade downtown.
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