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Yea... I have to agree with some of the manga-readers, etc on how many are taking SR over the top on romance...

I do understand the frustrations and all, but I think if we do see a 3rd season and whatever conclusion occurs beyond, we may all look back on these seasons and be happy with what occured along the way.

This isn't some ero-ge where the main character is liked by whoeever-whoever and a couple of other whoever's for no good reason what so ever... Might wanna do a body check (with a hockey stick) on yourselves before going overboard on how stagnate SR might seem.

In some sense this might be more for manga readers but:
Pace wise... We started at beginning of 2nd year for Tenma and Co. uhh April-ish? through summer time.... toward Fall... and approaching Christmas and New Years (episode 18-19?).
The overall story of SR hinges highly on what Karasuma does at the end of the school year (manga wise very soon sorta.. lol). Since he did say he wanted to stay an extra year (before going abroad) to check things out after that letter (tome lol) Tenma gave him.
So does Karasuma leave or stay? An interesting thing would be... if Tenma could "conclude" her story before Karasuma leaves. How? No clue, but its gonna be a large issue coming up considering the manga's place time wise in the school year.
Sooo considering all that.... I can't help but think 2nd season may end ... either outside of another significant Flag arc... or..... might end on a Flagish cliffhanger of sorts. lol Either one is ok though.
Someone mentioned that after 15 or so was lots of Flag stuff, but there is quite a bunch of non-Flag stuff between this arc and the next... soooo mmmmmmmmm lol I don't know. lol

Would I disappointed either way? Nope. I read the manga weekly so it isn't a big issue. This episode in particular I tended to like the manga version better, but there are plenty of animated parts I've liked as well.
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