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A big thanks for the informative answer and I accepted everything except... I thought Shinigami no Ballad was Seinen. I admit I never really got into the series, but from what I know about it its definitely not something that's "for boys" per se.
The thing is, lots of these anime are produced for hardcore audiences only, thus they air at very late hours, usually after midnight, which implies that the target audiences for those anime are a bit older. The anime's target audience for titles such as Shakugan no Shana usually *is* the seinen crowd, young men, excluding younger audiences with their late night program time slots. It doesn't matter if the original publishing label is shounen or seinen because primary spenders are going to be young males.
What I think NeoSam has tried to elaborate on these boards a few times already is that no matter what time the title airs, or what spending market is actually behind it, or what the fans think () anime that were originally stories published under certain publishing labels will always be labeled after their orientation, be them seinen, shounen, shoujo, josei labels etc. Why? Because that's just the way it is. The audience tag of a title certainly doesn't mean that a lot of elementary school kids actually watch the said title, if anyone is worried about that. Different audience tags are just very useful when it comes to vast publishing markets, because they catalogue the market to basic groups, and consumers don't need to spend too much time finding new titles to enjoy this way.

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