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Originally Posted by Fran~ View Post
Kihara's friend (Kashii) is clearly aligned with AminXRyuuji, just look how she pushed the situation at the gym. Kihara has no allieds in her agenda to avoid KxT, that's why she thinks in Ryuuji as her only allied.
Ooh, that's right... I missed that little bit about Kashii.

Ami knows Ryuuji is fixated on Minorin.... and she seems to know Minorin's feelings are mixed (hence all the whispered comments from Ami to Minorin in various episodes to get her thinking more clearly).

Part of the fun of this series is that it IS such a convoluted mess of tangled emotions. There's multiple possible ways it could play out. For me at least, it adds in what many eroge adaptations are missing --- that interplay and complexity that happens in the real world. Yeah, its still just a story, but for me its a more delicious story.
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