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Originally Posted by Hooves View Post
If Okabe left things as it is, simply trying to re-route things using the D-Mail. SERN will still be active on his case since whatever set them off from Okabe's first D-Mail will merely spread with the multiple D-Mails he sent trying to re-route things in order to keep all his lab members happy. If he does anything against SERN, it will result in a massive butterfly effect that will cause something tragic to happen.

So all in all, it would be quite a mess if he tried to fix things using the D-Mail.
That's the entire reason he's re-routing it, as strange as it may sound. He's doing it so that he can get back the IBN 5100 and erase himself from SERN's database. He can only do that by undoing his previous D-mails with other D-mails and return to the timeline where he did gain possession of it.
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