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Not at all.
All of these D mails are aimed towards the content and actual "credibility" of the initial D-mails. Whereas the first D-mail effects were impredictable since it would lead to wide range of possible results, the second wave of Dmails wouldn't, since they are actually making the first D mail like jokes etc, so reverting the situation to what would have happened if the D mail never occured.
At worst, should it be unsuccessful, the reading steiner wouldn't activate and they would need to cancel it with a different message, that's it.
In a way, there is little to no risk for a buttlerfly effect with the second D mails, in comparison with the original ones.

As for Mayuri's fate, that is because they figured out that as long as SERN knows about the microwave time machine, Mayuri is done for, which is represented by her inability to live on after a specific timeframe, no matter what they do.
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