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I'm going with VI as well, it was the first game I played that really felt "epic" and engrossed me in its story. Its gameplay is a big contrast from more modern iterations because the characters all have special abilities that make them very unique (Sabin's blitz button inputs, Cyan's charging sword attacks); compare this with XII, where the characters are pretty much identical because of the license system. Most of the characters had very detailed backstories also, as opposed to XII, in which only one, maybe two, playable characters seemed to really even matter to the storyline. To be fair, I haven't beaten XII so I could be wrong, but I am very close to the end and nothing has convinced me otherwise as of yet. And finally, in regards to VI, you have to love a game in which

Spoiler for FFVI storyline:

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top notch voice acting (anime dubs wish they had voice acting this superb).
While I agree with this (aside from the laughing scene and Yuna's voice in general), it seems it's a pretty rare opinion. Everywhere I look people seem to hate the acting in this game. A lot of it is probably anti-dub sentiment in general though.
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