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I do like the manga. I like the art style, but I think it's a bit TOO slender for my general tastes. I'll concur with the relationship btw Kizu and Asai. I think the best kinds of relationships to see are ones that are romantic-less, but still have that strong bond as if they were married, a theme more prevalent in seinen/josei type mangas. Somehow the dynamics are just better.
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Oh Yuki is someone very interesting, too. a love triangle, maybe? :P

The first chapter has been a setup for the manga. We might see the plot starting to become more and more important. The title makes me think that the manga would have something to do with the tenants of the Birdcage Manor. From the few glimpses we had so far, they may be as weird and strange and interesting as I imagine they would be. We will see, I guess.
A love triangle? No Fal, its a trap .

Yeah I hope they are. I don't really see any particular plot is personally, but yeah, i hope the manga can live up to its namesake. Next looks like that long black-haired woman, who I think maybe involved in the latest happenings.
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