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I would think that Ryukishi was skilled enough to pull it off well. The only reason I can think that lying in third person would be bad writing, is that it might be confusing. But Umineko was easy enough to follow.
Clearly he wasn't, or nobody would doubt him. It's not like we're cynics for the heck of it. If your position is, "he's skilled enough to pull it off," it falls to you to demonstrate why and how you believe he did in fact pull it off. That means elaborating upon the existence of the very things we're challenging don't exist. If you can do that, convincing us he was skilled enough to do it will be incidental to the clear proof he actually did do it.
Speaking of. We're nine pages into this thread, and it's becoming increasingly apparent that I am a one man army, and that I am failing to convince anyone that my cause is good. Did no one like Umineko? Half of you have Umineko avatars or sigs or quotes, yet none of you even liked the damn thing, in the end? Very depressing.
As a Dallas native, I love the Cowboys to death, when I'm not bitching about everything they do. You don't get angry if you didn't care in the first place.

By the way you're both right about 2001, at least according to Clarke.

Also I was trying to emulate the mystery side of Umineko in the same sense Buffalo Bill was trying to emulate being a woman. But don't tell anyone.
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Wouldn't it be funny if there really was no truth in the catbox, and it turns out Umineko exists in a Last Thursdayism universe.
"You took the box!? Let's see what's in the box! Nothing! Absolutely nothing in the box! Stupid! You so stupid!"
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