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Speaking of. We're nine pages into this thread, and it's becoming increasingly apparent that I am a one man army, and that I am failing to convince anyone that my cause is good.
That's not true. Though the outcome is not something to rejoice about, it doesn't leave a foul aftertaste for those who didn't think about the novel as a mystery in the first place. I abandoned this thought somewhat late, around EP6, when the Author Theory was the only one that clicked with me, and was able to accept the story. It was the most entertaining read I had in two years.

It does include mystery elements, and the Knox Rules are fun to play with, but mostly it was about finding out about hopes, beliefs and thoughts of people who were stuck on the island for those two days. Once you knew the souls of everyone involved, with Beatrice being the last, the rest was left to your imagination and to your interpretation of the facts presented, which may mean more than the facts themselves.

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Umineko is solvable, it just doesn't have a single correct solution (yet). Which is altogether fine.
Umineko does not have a solution in a sense most people apply to the word. The solution is yours to create, believe in and defend. The individual games might be solvable, but the whole story is about something else entirely.

It was sad seeing Jan-Poo, the one who created W&W fanfiction that was so true to the spirit of the novel it might as well be included in the game, dissatisfied with it. But I guess he had a very different expectations from what he had received in the end.
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