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I'm not sure I can quite put my finger on it. But the combination of character drama and light hearted *realistic* (as in, something that merely requires unlikely actions by people, rather than violations of physics) shenanigans, somehow reminds me of an 80's anime. It's kinda like what with happened in episode 3. I think that as a big reason, this is why so many people might be having trouble getting a grasp on how to define this anime. It doesn't have outrageous violations of the laws of physics, but it doesn't stay a completely *realistic* drama/slice of life.

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As soon as I saw those legs I knew it was gonna be Jirou in the bath. That scene was pure comedy. Yeah I liked this episode too despite my concerns about an overall plot. And did danyone else get the Canaan reference? GET SOME!!!! haven't watched full metal jacket. Have you.

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