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I am going to be EXTREMELY objective here:

The way I see it now, there is only THREE WAYS the KoxOhana ship could work:

1. Ko moves to the town Ohana is in.
2. Ohana goes back to the City where Ko is.
3. Ohana realizes she has also been in love with Ko for many, many years.


#1: I very much doubt Ko would just suddenly move to a new town. Take into account his parents opinions, ongoing school term, place to stay.

I very much doubt his parents would say: "Oh sure son, go ahead. You can go anywhere you like chasing the girl you like. We completely understand."

Besides, HanaIro is supposed to be "slice-of-life". Following the girl you love around at the age of 16 screams "anime-cliché" to me NOT "slice-of-life".

#2: The way things are going right now, I very much doubt Ohana will be going back to the city anytime soon. After all, HanaIro completely revolves around HER LIFE IN KISSUISO.

#3: If she had actually been in love with Ko, she would have realized it by now. What with his confession and suddenly being taken away from him.

Anyway, that's just from my objective POV. Things can change so I´m not betting my money on anything. We could get a huge surprise down the road. Heck, maybe she'll turn yuri with Nako or hook up with Jiroumaru because he was the first to notice that she "wanted to sparkle".
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