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#3: If she had actually been in love with Ko, she would have realized it by now. What with his confession and suddenly being taken away from him.

Anyway, that's just from my objective POV. Things can change so Im not betting my money on anything. We could get a huge surprise down the road. Heck, maybe she'll turn yuri with Nako or hook up with Jiroumaru because he was the first to notice that she "wanted to sparkle".
I don't see why Ohana can't grow to love Ko. Through her experience at Kissuiso, she can reflect and reevaluate her relationship with Ko as well as her relationship with her mother.

Ohana definitely dislikes her mother, but I don't see why she can't take another look at the past and learn to appreciate her more. Ko is the same way. While Ohana is unsure of what she thinks of Ko, she can always learn to like him more later.

At the very least, Ko is going to get a reaction from Ohana.
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