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I dunno, @ ulqui, the big X-scar is definetely gone, however there is still some scar or stain around her right eye in some shots, this might either be a remnant of the old scar or a new wound inflicted by hysteria, or some blood and goo from the fight, but yeah, the big one is definetely healed - also, they exchange heavy blows with blood spurting heavily from both of them - so it makes sense her regen-ability is pretty maxed out atm.

as for what gooral wrote, yeah, big teaser basically and kinda cliffhangerish in many ways, but I rly enjoy this one - I think Miria vs Hysteria being a draw for now is about the best turn of events one could hope for regarding the logic of Miria's powerup (no matter how much I would have enjoyed her giving hysteria a through sppanking )

I think it is highly likely Roxy truly awakens cause there is some serious speed lining for the release, more so though because of the flashback and specially because of the reopening of wounds - that seems to indicate that her psychological trauma has intensified to such an extent that her body reacts involuntary - hence - awakening imminent. Next chap might very well start with a double spread of her awakend form...
Anyways, rly wonder what Miria and Hysteria talk about XD I also want clarification on what technique Roxy used to ex Cassy in the flashback - did she use toe lowlevel-use-the-swordhilt thing? or was this crush with the tip of the sword pommel something else? btw like the symbolism of it - the move is just what you would to with a stick to a snake writhing on the floor in front of you, stab down fast n hard, like exterminating vermin... boy she sure is one hell ofa piece of work... damn its true what spoilers mentioned, I rly feel sorry for cassy. she didn't deserve that. smh.
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