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Originally Posted by Newhope View Post
Pretty MEH chapter overall.
Yep, but I can be better after English escalations

Roxane and cassandra is the only good part – can’t wait for English version
Miria seems boring, more like filler
The twins injuries are a little bit too much – hope that only the twins are able to do that. we don’t want yuma and the other to heal brain injuries, do we?
And not showing cassandra awakened form in the end is a crime
Originally Posted by irvinethearcher View Post
The most evil creatures in the whole claymoreverse were those bandits by far i would say.
No monster came ever near to the ruthelessnes and cruesomeness of those humans.
In a normal world, without yoma:
The bandits were normal men
Ophelia was a normal child ( she show up her true colors in the end)
Roxane would still be a sociopath ( I think that this guys are born already this way; I can be wrong but I am convinced this way)
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