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Originally Posted by KiRa08o2 View Post
It came out as a surprise project, if remember...
Exactly, for what I remember nothing was told about the novel until the translator and project head were actually done with the thing.

I enjoyed this LN a lot, and is actually one of the first LN that pops into my mind when it comes to advising "what to read" to people that aren't into anime and manga but are more into literature, the way it flows and the chain of events are pretty interesting, and the changing chemistry between the main pair is always there and it's always evolving, so it's pretty interesting on it's own.

I think that this was actually the debut work from the author? One can actually see some clumsiness in writing here and there, but nothing that would make you rage quite the novel (for example, Yoko isn't as 100% perfect as advertised, but oh well).
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