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Is it that? Or is it so that society can feel a bit of satisfying revenge against what they don't like? Are those two mutually exclusive?
Justice is a human term. It's a legal fulfillment of "karma." Deciding whether a punishment is deserved, and what punishment is worthy of the crime.

Part of the reason why I say that, is because you have a lot of situations where people with bad socio-economic backgrounds who have committed repeated minor crimes and ended up in prison, shouldn't be in prison. A lot of people in those situations, especially those living in deprived neighborhoods where gangs and other small-time criminal organizations, commit those crimes because they either had no choice or they felt they had no choice.

Like most things justice is simply a concept. It's an idea. Yes it's open to interpretation, but at the same time it has a collective definition. We "know" what justice is, because it exists. We have that concept and we know what the average person considers that to be. Equating it to a sort of karmic system is just me defining what the term is as we know it. Where it gets interpretive is when you apply it.
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