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Originally Posted by Xellos-_^ View Post
does Justice have to really exist or just a belief there such a thing as Justice?
Justice only exist if you believe in it.

You seem to be asking the wrong questions. You are asking if Justice exists independent of human thought. But that assumes you think only physical atoms matter.

Justice is not a substance, it is an idea. Thus it can't exist if no one believes in it. Justice is created because it benefits society. Because we humans are better off when we maintain justice.

You might as well ask if "zero" exists. or if "A hole in the ground" exists. Something doesn't need to be able to be put on a plate to exist.

The "Believe there is such a thing as justice" IS justice. They are equivalent.

As for fairness? I think the old saying fits here; "you know something is fair when both sides believe they lost."

is 3 yrs Just and Fair?
Depending on what you want jail time used for. Deterrence, punishment, rehabilitation, taking them off the streets, or to make bystanders feel better. For all intent and purposes legal punishment severity is flexible. There is a sliding scale. And it really only mattered that the punishment is what the population believed was acceptable.

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