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Originally Posted by Riki View Post

"I only want to, be useful to Shidou-san!"
In this hopeless situation ,Kurumi, the worst spirit has appeared in front of Shidou. She has said she will lend her power in order to rescue Tohka from the DEM but------!?

full thing
The teaser kind of implies that Kurumi's help doesn't come free of charge. More likely than not, she's probably lending a hand because her "goal" might be accomplished sooner than she expected.

I'm curious as to whether the "new seirei per volume" trend will be broken by Volume 7, or if a new one will intervene midway through the story.

Originally Posted by CNine View Post
actually my opinion is that Kurumi is what will happen to Tohka if Shidou didn't save her
Considering Tohka herself already mentioned this in Volume 3, pretty much.
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