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Originally Posted by Kleeyook View Post
I believe she's been going for Shidou's dick from the beginning. Didn't she always say things like becoming one with Shidou in vol. 3?
I thought the implication was she was after him for his ability to seal spirits' powers inside him, not because she liked him just because.

Originally Posted by Hemisphere View Post
Except that Kurumi is far from irredeemable, nor is she a villain, as evidenced by Volume 4 during the exchange between her and "that person". She's far from being a flanderized psychotic killer character.
I'd say killing thousands of people would categorize a character as 'irredeemable,' regardless of how unimportant the victims were. As for that exchange, do enlighten me on what it was (I'm assuming it's the epilogue chapter of Vol.4 that hasn't been translated), as from what I've read, she's the closest thing the series has to an actual antagonist/villain.
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