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Originally Posted by Marly View Post
I'd say killing thousands of people would categorize a character as 'irredeemable,' regardless of how unimportant the victims were. As for that exchange, do enlighten me on what it was (I'm assuming it's the epilogue chapter of Vol.4 that hasn't been translated), as from what I've read, she's the closest thing the series has to an actual antagonist/villain.
Tohka herself was suspicious of humans, believed that they were all out to kill her, and was even willing to kill Shidou during their initial encounters. Would that belief of her brand her as irredemable, considering that we never really find out the casualties involved with Tohka's prior appearances (spacequakes and all)? Yoshino was scared of every human, not just out of fear of hurting them but because of their open hostility towards her. Every time they've shown up, they receive nothing but open hostilities. Kurumi's been around longer than the both of them, and every time she's appeared she was met with aggression, "killed" countless times and was treated as an existence rejected by the world, like most seireis.

To the seirei, their rule is "kill or be killed" - the only human interaction they've had is one-sided aggression, and their only choice is to fight back or wait until they "disappear", of which they aren't even unclear as to when it happens. The only reason seireis are even recently amicable is because of Shidou and his efforts (thanks to Kotori); he's the only one who has really interacted with them in a manner different from "kill-on-sight", and gave them a different option of interacting with the world that would not lead to them being generally treated as enemies of the world.

Kurumi is what Tohka, Yoshino, and every other seirei would have ended up had Shidou not come to save them, in a sense being the logical extreme regarding how they've interacted with the world so far. To her, every human is a hostile threat, much like how Tohka and Yoshino perceived them to be prior to encountering Shidou. They've never had any other interaction to show them otherwise; when Shidou presented the alternative choice to Kurumi, that he was willing to "save" and understand her, Kurumi was visibly horrified. She even had to "kill" herself just to wipe the slate clean and stick with her goal. But considering how volume 4's epiloge showed how she was able to drain energy yet hold herself back from killing, it could possibly be a signal of change for Kurumi, even if she was just holding back in order to not get found out by Ifreet as she was still weak and in hiding at the time. And considering that her penultimate goal shows empathy for her seirei kind, there is clearly more to her character than just "I LIKE TO KILL AND I HAVE A CRAZY LAUGH TO GO WITH IT".

So yes. I really doubt that she is an irredeemable villain considering her circumstances. If anything, reducing her to generic psycho killer would just horribly flanderize her character.
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