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Whitemoon648: Looking much better The blink is somewhat sharp though, aren't there any more frames for the animation? Yakumo is a nice character too and adding a border earns extra points, so 8.0 (extra 0.5 point because I like the dual border, it works well) this time Smoother animation would = higher score though.

And for your question: I don't I use a manual method of adding borders, like a lot of others here. Assuming you use photoshop: Add new layer. CTRL+A to select all. Edit Menu -> Stroke. Pick a colour (I used green to match her hair), set it to 3px and hit ok. Now Edit Menu -> Stroke again. This time use black and 1px to add the thin black border outside the coloured border. You could also do some tricks with rounded selections to make the corners rounded and other neat things

Xellos: Is that a spot of Shoujo-ai there? Or just a very feminine looking boy? Nice either way. 8/10

And she's Alice-chan from Aria The Animation, one of my favourite series ever. If you like slow and gentle slice of life anime, you'll like Aria. Hell, there's plenty to like even if you're not a fan of that type
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