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I suppose it isn't another topic derailment to ask what "MU!" means. It is a silly question after all, so I shall revel in your silliness. If you watch the avatar for a whole loop you'll see it says, "Mu!" once in a while.

The avatar is indeed a commetary on moe and I am very pleased someone actually noticed that fact. I actually first used this avatar about a year ago for a month or so and after that it languished it my avatars folder. It started life as an animation I found... somewhere... I don't really remember where, but it was annoymous so I didn't know who made it. I modified it a bit and added my trademark cross.

As for the white cross... It is simply an identifying feature of the first avatar I ever used on this forum. After than, whenever I changed my avatar I kept the cross.

Here is a selection of some of the avatars I have used in the past:

. . . .

If anyone would like to make me a new avatar, feel free and I'll use it if I like it. They all have two things in common: The trademark white "X" and the vagueness of gender.

Now how's that for a complete answer. I think the topic is closed.

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