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As I said, the Supervision Army was made up of Miclones AND Zentradi.

In that airlock scene, I seem to remember a Miclone-size airlock right next to the giant one...could be wrong about that, but I'm pretty sure I'm not.
Sorry about that I didn't notice the "and" ^^;

Personally I don't see any small airlock near the big one, and if that existed why Hikaru didn't use that instead? But Since Exedor said they were miclones and zentradi it can be assumed they used different ships and the macross was meant for the zentradi in their giant form.

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The Macross is not an old remnant of the Supervision Army fleet. It only took roughly a decade for the ship to crash land and then relaunched, so its really not that old at all.

Moreover, the Supervision Army by no means disappeared from the galaxy. It can be assumed that they are still battling out against the rest of the Zentradi's many thousands worth of million ship fleets.

- Tak
Your second point do make sense and I think your assumption is logic. But as for the first part I don't think it is relevant, because when the macross landed on earth it was already abandoned and we don't know for how many years.

There was no mention of any alien corpse being found on the ship and there's the fact it was set as a booby trap.

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