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Originally Posted by Yot-chan View Post
I don't know if this was my mistake or yours, but Britai's ship wasn't the Megaroad-03, it was the SDF-3. Britai took command of U.N. Spacy in 2016, so I find it odd that he would be on an Emigration Fleet, however...
Oh yeah SDF-3 is Megaroad-02. Focused too much on the number 3.

And I don't think he would even want to commandeer a 'human' ship.
Well not necessarily inside the Megaroad itself. Colud be like the Megaroad 1 escorted by a Zentradi ship.

sketchley said from his translations fleet composition of a Megaroad super long range emigration fleets are 1 Megaroad, Zentradi ships, SDFNs, battleships, ARMDs.
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