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Originally Posted by wingman32x View Post
Even though he was the most open with Kyon (out of himself, Yuki, and Mikuru) in terms of information about his organization and what he could do, I always felt he held back some information about his abilities.
This is the main reason, for me. Since he is the only one telling things, he can choose how he is going to tell them. Not that I believe he is flat out lieing, but he certanly speak in th way more convenient to him. The best exemple of it is Sighs, as usual we just believe in what he says, but, this time, we have both Mikuru and Yuki explicitly telling they think what he says is bullshit.

Spoiler for Snow Mountain:

Of course, I don't remember any actual exemple when he was proven to be lieing or holding things from Kyon (insted of ben, maybe, just mistaken).

In any case, I believe people should give Itsuki less credit them most give. Even if do not intent to lie, he might very well be completely wrong. Just because he is the one doing exposition don't mean that this exposition is correct, at it was pointed once in the novel/anime.

Spoiler for Book 9:
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